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The Mirror

I watched The Mirror, directed by Tarkovsky, last night. This is a rather strange, interesting and at times difficult to understand film. I enjoyed it. Based upon the NY Times review, if one were Russian and had lived during some of the times in the film, it probably would have been more easily or more quickly understood. I think it would be a good movie to watched a second or third or . . . time. Again, I see the wind through the grass, the leaves, the trees with no particular source or origin and usually only momentary and with a certain strangeness attached. Also Tarkovsky seems to like running, dripping water. Interesting.
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holyoutlaw April 1st, 2012
Do you know about Randy's blog?

Here's the blog:


and here's the LJ feed:


Hope you enjoy!

alces2 April 1st, 2012
Thanks. I think I knew about it but thanks for reminding me. I have now bookmarked it.

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