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This morning I finished reading Zona by Geoff Dyer. It is an interesting book about "Stalker" by Tarkovsky but also about Dyer himself, what he reads, what he watches, what he likes and quite definitely what he dislikes, his hopes and wishes, were he granted access to the Room. I enjoyed reading this. The references are fascinating. His side excursions at times amusing, sometimes a bit too much about him. I also found the New York Times Review of Zona interesting.

Many of his references I found interesting having read the books he mentions, watched the movies, or familiar with some of the musicians, such as Bjork. I cannot say that I agree with all of Dyer's preferences. I'm obviously a bigger fan of Lars von Trier than he is. Actually I think he isn't a fan. Some might see his mentions as pretentious and I can understand that. However I like his wandering and those other books, movies and such that he mentions and discusses. Occasionally he wanders into the TMI (too much information) area concerning his own history, desires and excursions, but I don't really mind that much.