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Design For Living & If I Had a Million

I watched Design for Living, directed by Ernst Lubitsch with Fredric March, Gary Cooper & Miriam Hopkins. This was in the "pre-Code" era. It is an entertaining film and this is a new digital restoration released in the blu-ray format by Criterion last year. This contains a number of things that you would not see after the Code was effectively in place. This film is very loosely based on the Noel Coward play of the same name. Little really remains of the original play. Fortunately the play is in the supplemental material and I look forward to watching it.

Here is a NY Times review from 1933 when it was released and this dvdtalk review is both a review about the film and about the Criterion DVD

One item in the supplemental material is a short sequence by Lubitsch which was one of a number of vignettes in another film called If I Had a Million. Fortunately The Clerk is on youtube.

Where is my million?